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Skrevet av Rolly   
tirsdag 30. desember 2008 00:00

Welcome to Grenlandsmafiaen - Geocaching in Grenland

The meetingspace for Geocachers.

Grenland is an area in Norway wich probably has the highest cache density compared to inhabitants.

Grenland should therefore be taken into consideration when one desides what is the Geocaching capital in Norway.

There are countless caches to seek, both in towns and the outback, so you should be able to find something for your taste.

We have our own forum, open for everyone to join, where you can diskuss geocaching in Grenland og just Geocaching in general. This is a good place to start if you want to contact any of us.

Having such a large mass of geocaches, there are a lot of geocachers in Grenland as well. Hence, we founded our own organisation called Grenlandsmafiaen.


Maybe you have seen our coin, a member logo or something like it, and wonder what this is?

Well, in short terms, it's just a geocacher assosiation.

The name is derived from "Grenland", an area in the county Telemark in Norway, and the term "Mafia" (we all know what that's about).

What can we offer?

  • 10% discount on all merchandise from Geowebshop
  • Direkt contact information to all our members
    (If you are stuck somehow, just give us å call!)
  • Technical assistance regarding use of maps, GPSr, etc.
  • Always an available hiking buddy
  • A lot of new friends
  • Official "Grenlandsmafia" logo to your cache / profile.

How do i join?

Membership is granted only to active geocachers who
live and reside
in "Grenland".
Grenland is an area consisting of the following citys:

* Skien
* Porsgrunn
* Bamble
* Siljan
* Kragerø (not really a part of Grenland, but historically, it was).

Upcoming Events

Events open only for members of the Grenlandsmafia will be listed on this site only.

All events arranged by Grenlandsmafiaen listed on geocaching.com are available for all geocachers,
and will be announsed on this site as well!